Give the Gift of Time

This man right here you guys, my fiance, and the father to my boys…. he’s amazing. He works hard to provide for us, he’s a great dad to the boys, and overall he’s my soulmate. I don’t think I could ever repay him for all he has done for us, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t going to try! When Jord contacted me to review their wooden watches, I was so excited. I knew immediately I had to get a watch for Adam!

Jord has an amazing selection of watches! They offer watches for both men and women, they also have 13 different types of wood to choose from and then there are also tons of different styles for each wood. They have so many amazing choices it made it almost impossible for me to choose one for him! I finally decided on the Kosso and Midnight Blue. You can see their entire selection by clicking the links below!!

Men’s Watches by Jord

Women’s Watches by Jord

Both myself, and Adam absolutely love how transitional this watch is. With its natural Kosso wood and the midnight blue face, its simple yet sophisticated and it transitions well from work, to home with the kids, and even to a date night out!

If you have a special guy in your life (whether it be your spouse, your dad, a sibling, etc) or if you want to treat yourself (because, let’s be honest, you’re awesome and you deserve it!) then you are in luck!!

Jord has agreed to giveaway $100 towards any watch from their site, and if you’re like me and you NEVER win anything then you should DEFINITELY enter because in addition to the $100 Jord will also be offering at 10% discount code to EVERYONE who enters!! So how can you enter? It’s simple!! Just follow these steps below and you will be entered to win!!

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Good luck to you all, I can’t wait to see who wins!

Wooden Wrist Watch <a href="


The Must Have Bassinet!!!

Disclaimer: The product in this review was given in exchange for an honest review. The opinions in this article are honest and all my own.

After Deckard was born and finally got to come home from the nicu, I had the amazing opportunity to try out the new Oasis Bassinet by Baby Planet.

This bassinet has so many amazing features like the Dream Center.The sleek, lightweight, and modern design, the removable basket, and the amazing patented Air Loft Sheets.

The Dream Center is battery operated and attaches onto the end of the bassinet. It does so many different things!

  1. It has a soft night light which is perfect for finding that pacifier, or changing a diaper in the middle of the night. It gives the perfect amount of light that allows you to see but isn’t bright enough to disturb you or the baby.
  2. It provides two different vibration speeds, which I found very helpful when putting Deckard to sleep.
  3. You can choose from 3 different nature sounds (birds, crickets, and waves).
  4. You can also choose from different piano lullabies, perfect to help soothe baby back to sleep. Click Here to listen to a sample of the lullaby music

This bassinet comes with two color options, perfect to fit any decor or style. It’s designed with a very modern feel, that is also lightweight and it has wheels which allow for you to move it easily!

Modern style is all about multi-use or multipurpose objects. This bassinet is nothing if not multi-use! It has a basket for all your essentials, which make nighttime feeds and changes even easier. (For me, that was perfect because I am so exhausted in the middle of the night I probably couldn’t find my way out of a brown paper bag haha)

This bassinet also has a removable basket. Which means it goes where you go! It has quick release triggers on the top of the handles that allow you to easily and quickly detach the basket from the frame.

The patented Air Loft Sheets.Baby Planet has designed and patented these amazing Air Loft Sheets which create a safe, breathable barrier between your baby and any solid fabric surfaces. The soft mesh top makes for a comfortable sleeping surface that does not pose risk for suffocation. It also helps with temperature regulation. Two very important things that help reduce the risk of sids.

Overall we love this bassinet and every single feature on it! It’s small but durable, easy to put together, and it does so many things! If you or someone you know is expecting, this is a MUST HAVE!

Deckard’s NICU Journey

Deckard was born on March 4th 2018. I was only 32 weeks and 2 days. He was given to me for only a few minutes before being taken to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. This is our 37 day journey in the NICU.

Week 1 (March 4th-10th)

The first few days everything seemed… well I won’t say perfect or even good, but it seemed better than any of us (including Deckard’s Doctor) expected it would for a baby born this early and at 3lbs 4oz (GRAMS). He never had any trouble breathing on his own. He did have 2 or 3 bradycardia spells. Bradycardia spells are basically an extremely slow heart rate. Typically less than 100 beats per minute. Some infants can self correct, others need stimulation to be corrected, and sometimes the baby requires the assistance of an ambu bag. Luckily he only required stimulation for one of these spells.

I was discharged 3 days after he was born and due to us living .2 miles outside the 15 mile limit we did not qualify for staying at the Ronald McDonald House. The day I was discharged Deckard ripped his IV out of his arm and foot so they replaced it in his head. Seeing your baby hooked up to monitors and having an IV in their head is simply something a parent should never have to go through.

He had to have phototherapy for his bilirubin levels, during those days I was not able to hold him. I was only able to see him through the isolette Box and touch him through the arm holes.

The positives were his feedings were going up everyday, and they were adding a fortifier to enhance the breastmilk calories from 20 to 22 calories. (And eventually to 24 calories.) They were also beginning to wean him off the purified air in his isolette box.

Week 2 (March 11th-17th)

At the beginning of the second week they discontinued Deckard’s lipids and replaced them with sugar water for 24 hours. The next day he ripped the IV out again and his doctor decided to let it stay out as long as he did well. He actually did amazingly. I was just so happy to see the IV finally gone.

Deckard also got his first “bath” that week. Unfortunately I wasn’t there for it. Having a 2 year old at home and a newborn in the NICU really pulls you in a million different directions. (But more on that later.)

During his second week he also got the feeding tube out of his mouth and into his nose in order to get ready for bottle feeding. I also finally got to bathe him. Even though it was only a sponge bath I was so thankful to get to share that moment with him.

I was also informed Deckard needed to weigh 1800 grams (roughly 3.9 lbs) and be able to regulate his own temperature to get out of the isolette box. By the end of his second week he finally weighed 3lbs 10 ounces, but per doctor’s orders they were waiting for him to weigh 4 pounds before weaning him out of the isolette box.

At the end of his second week they let him try feeding from a bottle. He did really well and surprised us all. Out of his 33mL he drank 11. Even his nurse that day was impressed!

Week 3 (March 18th-24th)

On his last day of the second week they moved him to a new area with babies that aren’t high risk for issues. This was exciting, until we realized that in the new section the thermometers were different (lower quality, and smaller) and Deckard’s temperature was reading low every time. When his temp was low that would mean we weren’t allowed to hold him or if we did hold him we were on a time. After his temperature reading consistently at 97-99 in the other area I was annoyed with these “low” readings. I talked to his old doctor and even a few nurses whom all agreed the thermometers in his new area just weren’t reading as well as the others had. But that didn’t matter. Adam brought it up to his current nurses and doctors but nothing was ever done. Eventually he began gaining more weight and the thermometers began reading accurately.

During this 3rd week I finally got to feed him from a bottle. This was only the second bottle he had because when they moved him to the new area it didn’t get related to his new care team that he had already had a bottle before and was doing well with them. Adam and I had to bring it up to the new care team but once we did they got him taking 1 bottle per shift, equaling out to 2 bottles a day. He did great with the first bottle i fed him. The next night I fed him again and he ended up choking. He stopped breathing and turned purple. His nurse had to stimulate him to get him to breathe and use the suction on him too. That was a scary night.

I also tried to get him to nurse and he did latch but not long enough to feed and after 30 minutes of trying, we had to stop and let them feed him through his tube. It was so frustrating. By the last day of the 3rd week he was finally up to 3 bottles a day.

Things were moving in the right direction. All except for getting him out of the isolette. Due to the “low temperatures” he still had to stay in and they couldn’t even begin to wean him out of it. By this time I was sick of the box. Sick of only being able to hold him for a set amount of time or not being able to hold him at all. I was mentally and physically, not to mention emotionally, drained. Everything was upsetting me and the isolette box didn’t help.

Week 4 (March 25th-31st)

By the fourth week he was taking and finishing every bottle in 15 minutes or less. He wasn’t having any spells and hadn’t since the beginning. On the 27th they began lowering the temperature in his Box to wean him out. They also moved him to another area. This area was the last place they typically moved babies before discharge.

Week 5 (April 1st-8th)

By the first of April the temperature in Deckard’s isolette Box was finally down as low as it could go. That meant he’d be out soon. But the next day we were told they were waiting on him to progress more with his feedings, and begin taking them all by mouth and finishing them all. Not really a setback but certainly not what I wanted to hear. Especially because I was hoping on him being out of the isolette by Easter.

During this 5th week I finally got to give Deckard his first real bath from me. They also asked us to bring in his car seat for his car seat test. If you’re not familiar with this, it’s where they put the baby in their car seat for a set amount of time (each hospital has its own protocol) while the baby is monitored to make sure their heart rate and oxygen rate doesn’t drop. Even though Sebastian wasn’t a preemie his pediatrician wanted it done before we were discharged so this was something we were familiar with and excited about because it meant we were that much closer to bringing him home. Deckard was also finally moved into a regular bassinet!! Things seemed to be going perfectly and we would be going home soon.

Then he started having spells. Out of nowhere he had three in a 24 hour period. Just as quickly as they started, they stopped. He went 24 hours without a spell and they began talking about him coming home on Sunday (just 4 days later!)

He got an eye exam and unfortunately the results meant we had to go to a follow up appointment.

They had moved his homecoming til Monday because they were waiting on the order for the car seat test.

The night of the 7th he had his car seat test done and he did beautifully! Then, the next night, he had another spell in which his heart rate dropped to 40 when it should be around 100. This meant he had to be put on a 48 hour hold for observation.

For the next 2 days I was holding my breath every time I got an update on him. He did well and Monday night they said they would be calling in the morning with a time to pick him up. I couldn’t wait for them to call me so I called them to make sure he was still on track to coming home. They said he was doing well and they had paperwork to finish up, then they’d call us to pick him up. I cannot begin to describe how amazing it was to put him in his car seat and walk him out of that nicu.

As of April 8th 2018, Deckard is a NICU graduate.

And as I am so behind on this post, here is a small update on life since being home!

Deckard is 3 months old. He is over 10lbs, that’s triple his birth weight! His eyes are still blue. His hair changes constantly, sometimes it looks brown, other times it looks blonde, and then a lot of the time in natural light it looks red. He’s battling some reflux but he’s doing well! He’s very healthy and we couldn’t be more blessed!

Thank you all so much for your continued support!

Welcoming Deckard Alexzander: A Birth Story

If you’ve been following me on my Instagram account then you know we have welcomed the newest member of our family earthside!

Deckard Alexzander was born at 9:15pm Sunday, March 4th. I was only 32 weeks and 2 days when he decided to make his appearance. This is his birth story.

On Tuesday, February 27th 2018 I was at home with our oldest child, Sebastian, giving him a bath that morning when I noticed I was having some bloody discharge and decided to go in to the hospital to be checked out, just in case.

I called Adam to let him know he needed to come home, I got Sebastian and myself ready and when Adam got home we took Sebastian to my moms work so she could watch him for us while we went to the hospital.

Once we got to the hospital I went into a triage room to be examined and I was at 1.5cm. I knew that wasn’t a big deal because you can be dilated to 1.5cm for a long time. They did a work up on me, put me in the NST machine and came back about an hour later to check and make sure I wasn’t dilating further. When they checked that time I was at 2.5cm. The nurse said I would have to stay for observation and they got me in a room.

When I got to my room they started an IV of magnesium sulfate, in hopes of stopping the contractions. Unfortunately it did not stop them, it did slow them down and make them less intense, though. Around midnight that night I began having vision problems (seeing double, not being able to open my eyes or focus on anything) I also lost the ability to put any weight on my legs. They figured the magnesium sulfate was making me toxic and lowered the dose. A few hours later around 4am they stopped it completely despite me still having contractions. The doctor said, chances are they won’t be able to stop the contractions at all.

They also gave me 2 steroid shots to help the baby’s lungs develop in case I did have him soon, though I was hoping to make it another 2 weeks before that happened.

The contractions stayed about 20-30 minutes apart but were much less intense and after 3 days in the hospital I was released to go home Friday (yes, while still having contractions). They said to come back in if I had any more bleeding, the contractions got more intense, or closer together. I was put on bed rest so I went to stay at my parents with Sebastian so that I would have constant help with him.

On Sunday around 3 a.m. I noticed the contractions seemed to be getting more intense. I was so exhausted (considering I had been having contractions all day and night every 20-30 minutes since Tuesday) that I didn’t time them at first. After not being able to sleep for more than 5-6 minutes I began to time the contractions. They were coming around every 10 minutes. I decided I needed to go back to the hospital just in case, so I had my mom drive me.

After getting to the hospital and being examined once again, they said I was now 4cm dilated and would be staying. They got me set up in a room, again, but this time brought me paperwork for the baby’s birth. Which they didn’t do when I was at the hospital on Tuesday. I knew I wouldn’t be leaving until I had him. They gave me 2 doses of a medicine that is meant to slow the contractions. The first dose worked for about an hour, maybe an hour and a half. 6 hours later I got the second dose and it only worked for 30 minutes.

My contractions were getting much worse and much closer together. To the point where I was exhausted and crying from the pain. I told the doctor that was on call that I needed something, at this point I couldn’t handle the pain any longer. She responded with telling me they didn’t want to induce labor. That was not what I was asking for, nor what I wanted either. I just couldn’t handle the pain anymore. The doctor finally understood what I was trying to tell her about my pain and she said they would have to do another cervical check because if I am 5cm and less I would get pain medication through my IV, but if I was 6cm and up I would need to get an epidural. She also mentioned the fact that they don’t like to do cervical checks too much because it can cause more contractions and dilation. I was in pain and irritated at this point. So she checked me but wasn’t sure so she went and got my nurse to check me. My nurse said I was a 5 but she felt like I was moving quickly, so they wanted to call their chief and the high risk doctor to get their opinions. Meanwhile I’m still in so much pain I’m crying and shaking.

Finally they decide to give me an epidural. The anesthesiologist came in and got that started for me. Finally I had some relief. After about 45 minutes I could feel pressure when I was having contractions and the pressure began getting more intense. Then I started having serious pain in my left leg, like the worst leg cramp/Charlie horse you could imagine. A few nurses came in my room and told me “the baby doesn’t like how you’re laying so we are going to move you on your side” I knew that meant he was becoming distressed and I got scared.

Right behind those nurses came the doctor who couldn’t decide how to help me earlier. She did another cervix check while they put me on oxygen and she told the nurses I was completely dilated. They wanted me to flip over on all fours like a dog, despite me not having any control of my legs because of the epidural. I began getting confused and everything was moving so fast I couldn’t tell exactly what was going on. All I knew was every time I opened my eyes there seemed to be more nurses in the room. I heard the doctor say she was going to break my water and then a few seconds later they moved me onto my back. The doctor then told me she needed me to push and we were having a baby. I pushed twice and saw him come out.

At this point I knew he was early, too early in my mind, and was just waiting to hear him cry. He let out a very little cry and I began to panic that his lungs weren’t working, then he let out a big cry and I just started crying with him. The nicu nurses were in there and they wrapped him up for me and let Adam and I hold him for a few minutes, which I was sure I wouldn’t get to do if he came early. They took him to the nicu and Adam went with him. He was 3lbs and 4oz. So tiny, but so strong.

We have a long road ahead of us with him in the nicu but he has never had to have help breathing or anything serious. He just has to gain some weight, be able to eat on his own, and hold his own temperature. He may be little but he’s our little fighter and I can’t wait to have him home with us.

Snuza Hero Baby Monitor Review

DISCLAIMER: This product was given to me for free in exchange for my honest review and thoughts on the product. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

The Snuza Hero Monitor is a product I have been wanting to try since I found out about it, when I got pregnant with Sebastian. I was lucky enough to be able to try it out on Sebastian before our newest addition arrives in just a few short months!

How It Works: This monitor clips onto your baby’s diaper, and it has a sensor that monitors the baby’s stomach/abdominal movements to ensure they are breathing. If the monitor notes no movement or even weakened movement after 15 seconds it vibrates, in an attempt to stimulate your baby. If after an additional 5 seconds the monitor still hasn’t detected any movement a sharp, loud, alarm goes off alerting you.

Why I Love It: Whether you are a new parent or, what I like to call, a veteran, SIDS will always be a scary thing to think about! It can happen to any baby, but with my kids being smaller than average there’s even more concern, for me as a parent to these little ones. This monitor definitely eases those concerns and even allows me to get a little worry free sleep.

Would I Recommend This To Others: Absolutely!! Whether you’re a new parent, a veteran parent, or even looking for a great gift for another parent (or expecting parent) this is something I recommend! It works incredibly, it gives you that peace of mind you need to be able to sleep while the baby is sleeping, and it’s not too pricey!

You can check it out yourself here: Snuza Hero Monitor

Motherhood and Anxiety

I’ve had anxiety for as long as I can honestly remember. I remember being in elementary school when my friends and classmates began having slumber parties. I was always the girl who couldn’t make it through the night because I missed my parents, I missed my bed, I missed MY home. I was having separation anxiety, a seemingly normal thing for an 8 year old to be going through, but it didn’t stop there. I experienced the same intense feeling of NEEDING to be home or missing my parents even when trying to spend the night at my cousin’s house. My cousin who was only a year younger than me, and who only lived 3 minutes from my parents. This was a cousin I had known and was raised closely with since they were born. My aunt was always a big part of my life so it didn’t make much sense to anyone that I couldn’t sleep over. In all honesty, I didn’t understand it either. Trust me, no kid wants to be the one crying for their mom in front of anyone. I didn’t know WHY I couldn’t handle it, I just knew until I was older it was extremely difficult for me.

As a preteen and teenager I was always told I was over sensitive, over emotional, over dramatic… you get the idea. I felt like that was normal. I thought the feelings and emotions that caused me to react in extreme ways were only seen as “extreme” because I was a girl. I’d always heard girls were more dramatic, emotional, or sensitive than boys so I figured what I was feeling was normal, and only seen as “over the top” because I was female. I had no idea that I had anxiety and was ACTUALLY feeling things more intensely than others.

It took me until I was in my 20s to realize this. When explaining it to my doctor at 22 years old she just nodded her head along while I explained how intense my everyday feelings are. How EASILY things upset me or get to me. How QUICKLY I could go from feeling fine to being extremely upset, overwhelmed, anxious, etc. She asked some questions about when I notice these feelings and how I deal with them. She asked how often I get upset to the point of breaking down and crying. When I told her how often that really happens, and how often during these times I can’t seem to catch my breath at all and anyone who has seen me go through this doesn’t get it. They simply tell me to “stop acting like that” or “stop being dramatic” or something along those lines. She seemed to be the first person who believed me when I said I felt like it was out of my control. Once I began feeling these intense emotions and being upset it’s like an avalanche, I had no control over anything.

She explained to me what anxiety attacks were.

Wow. Something that FINALLY made sense. Something that I could relate to. I wasn’t crazy after all. This was a legitimate thing other people deal with and feel too. She explained the wide range of anxiety and panic attacks and gave me some techniques to help me through these anxiety attacks I was having.

I remember leaving the office that day feeling both a sense of relief and a bit of sadness. On one hand, these things I had been dealing with my entire life made sense. They had a name. I wasn’t just over dramatic. I wasn’t just the emotional one. And most importantly I wasn’t alone. Millions of other people dealt with different types of anxiety. But, on the other hand, I had a diagnosis. I had never been diagnosed with something like this before… did this mean I was crazy? Does this change anything for me?

For years I learned more and more about anxiety and about my specific triggers as well as many things to help me cope that did not involve taking medicine (because of course, having to be medicated for my anxiety disorder gave me anxiety. Fun right?)

Let’s fast forward. I am now 26. I am a mother of one amazing little boy who turns 2 in February and I have my second son due in April! But like Adam Levine says, “it’s not always rainbows and butterflies” I feel like though I deal with my anxiety daily, and make decisions according to my anxiety, I do pretty well. I am able to go to the store alone with Sebastian (something that took me a long time to be able to do), I can go take him to run other errands or just out to eat, which for me is something I couldn’t always do.

Being a mom is not easy. Simple as that. Motherhood is NOT easy. Is it worth it? Absolutely, without a doubt. But it’s certainly the hardest thing I’ve ever done. And adding anxiety into that mix doesn’t make it any easier. If anything, it’s made it harder. Harder for me to be the mom I WANT to be for my children.

Being a mom with anxiety means my son seeing me cry more than I am okay with. It means losing my cool over something as simple as not being able to find a matching sock or shoe. It means having to say no because of my anxiety and feeling guilty for weeks. For me, being a mom with anxiety is 100x harder than just having anxiety. There have been many nights I’ve gone to bed crying because I didn’t feel like I was the mother my son deserved. There have been countless times I have wondered if my children would be better off with a mother who didn’t have to deal with anxiety on a daily basis.

Now, there are times where I can go weeks and feel normal. Then there are other times when the dishes or the laundry gets to be too much, and I begin to feel overwhelmed, quickly. These feelings are always accompanied by some pretty harsh thoughts that come from my own head. Things like “every other mom can keep up with the laundry, why can’t you? You’re a bad mom” or “you don’t do enough everyday” and of course let’s not forget “your kids don’t need you, you’re not stable, they deserve a REAL mom” these intrusive thoughts can be debilitating. They can not only keep me up, but can wake me up. I’m constantly thinking of ways to be a better mom. I lose sleep simply because I stay up late worrying or thinking about all the ways I can do better tomorrow. Which just makes me overtired and stressed out. I am Constantly comparing myself to every “perfect” mother on my social media feeds. In reality I know that these moms I’m comparing myself to are not perfect. Social media shows probably 5% of our life. It shows those picture perfect moments we want others to see. The moments we want to remember. Of course, that leads to others thinking that some of these moms out here have it completely together, but it’s not true. Even though I know it’s not true I still find myself comparing and doubting myself as a mother.

Dealing with anxiety as a mother is probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done. It may be the hardest thing I ever do. But it’s worth it. I love my children with all my heart. I would give them the world if I could. And deep deep down I know I’m a good mom. My children are everything to me. I will always do everything in my power to make sure they have everything they need. I will always tell them and show them how much I love them. I will always be there for them.

I try to remember to take time for myself (sometimes that means nothing more than running an errand or going for a short drive alone, or sometimes it’s a taking a whole day for myself while Adam watches Sebastian) because you simply can’t pour from an empty cup. And I know I get more and more anxiety the more overwhelmed I am. By taking time for myself I am less overwhelmed and I function better not only as a mother but a person in general (imagine that, right?!)

So for all the other moms who have anxiety or some other mental health issue, you are not alone and it IS okay to not be okay sometimes.

The most amazing bundle!

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by incredibundles but all opinions are my own.
If your social media timelines are anything like mine they are filled with pregnancy announcements, birth announcements, and mentions of little ones parties. I have to say, seeing all these announcements makes me so happy! Whether it be a friend I’ve known for years or someone I just recently discovered through social media, it makes my heart so happy to see all these announcements! But when it comes time to find a gift it can get pretty overwhelming. Well not anymore. Incredibundles is here to help!

So what is it, exactly?!

Incredibundles is an amazing company that makes finding and giving gifts to tiny humans so easy! They have so many different types of bundles, including an option where you can create your own bundle. They even have an option for a diaper subscription! If you’re not a parent, trust me when I say that is amazing!

What bundles do they offer?

This company offers a wide variety of bundles to choose from such as:
-Book bundles
-Diaper bundles
-Bath bundles
-Sleep bundles
-Organic bundles
-Character bundles
-One year supply bundles
-Learn and grow bundles
And like I mentioned earlier, you can even create your very own bundle. With so many options you sure to easily find a bundle to fit your budget!
We created our own bundle with lots of different things to keep Sebastian entertained! A few of those things pictured below are the Melissa and Doug wooden pounding bench, 2 board books (the very hungry caterpillar and brown bear brown bear). We also got the Skip Hop Moby Bath Rinser (not pictured)

I currently have a giveaway going through my Instagram for a $50 credit/gift card to so click the insta link below to enter!! You don’t want to miss this!
Instagram Link

The softest diapers ever!

If you’re a mom then you probably know the struggle of finding just the right diapers and wipes for your little one. You have to find ones that don’t leak, they have to fit right, your little one can’t be allergic to them, there’s just so much that goes into finding the RIGHT diapers.

Well look no further! ParasolCo is a company that not only has some of the cutest diapers around, they are also the softest!! Not to mention they keep Sebastian dry and asleep at night (huge win for me, since he’s never been a great sleeper!)

Parasol also has some of the softest wipes, while being thick enough that I don’t need to use 100 of them when it comes to the dirty work of changing diapers.

This company offers subscription boxes that make it super easy to get these amazing diapers and wipes right at your front door!

Seriously, if you’re a mom and you haven’t check out this company and their diapers/wipes you really should!!

Christmas Traditions

Since having Sebastian I have really put a lot of thought (probably way too much, if we are being honest here) into Christmas/Holiday traditions I wanted to carry on or start with him.

Last year was his first Christmas. He was almost 11 months old so while he had fun, this year I think he will enjoy it more! Especially because this year there are more traditions we can add now that he’s older.

One thing that I actually started last year was his Christmas Eve basket. This is a fun simple little bundle of gifts specifically for Christmas Eve night. Last year I put a pair of Christmas pajamas, Baby snacks, his Christmas ornament (another tradition), a stuffed animal, a Christmas book, and a blanket. This year I plan to add a Christmas movie (now that he will watch movies) and upgrade the snacks. I love this tradition because as a child I always got to pick out one gift from my grandmother to open on Christmas Eve and I was always so excited about it. This is a little different, but I like it because you can easily set up a bundle for every family member and all watch the Christmas movie, eat snacks, and cuddle in your pajamas together!

Another tradition I started last year was to buy Sebastian an ornament every year. When he grows up, has his own family and Christmas tree he will get to take the ornaments we have collected for him.

Now, by no means am I chef or anything but when it comes to desserts, or sweets I love cooking! Last year I made an amazing (according to my father in law, and Adam) French toast cinnamon roll casserole for breakfast on Christmas Day. I haven’t decided whether I will be making it again (it was seriously, so good!) or if I want to try something different but I do love waking up on Christmas morning and making breakfast for the family while Adam plays with Sebastian. I may have to put the crockpot to use this year being pregnant, though.

Pictures with Santa Claus!! We took Sebastian to have his pictures made with santa last year and he actually did really well! Of course I had to hold him but he didn’t cry or freak out so I’m hoping for much of the same this year! I really can’t wait for him to get older so we can add writing letters to santa to our list of traditions.

Family photos! Life gets crazy and hectic especially with kids, but I try to get in at least one family photo session a year!

There are a lot of traditions I have in mind but haven’t started yet since I don’t feel Sebastian’s old enough to actually enjoy or understand it; like elf on the shelf, Christmas countdown links, etc.

What Christmas or holiday traditions do you have/did you enjoy as a child?

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