Fall bucket lists (for moms and toddlers)

It’s officially fall!! Even though the weathers trying to convince me otherwise with unusually warm (HOT!!) temperatures. I figured I’d get into the fall spirit anyways!!

This fall will be Sebastian’s first fall as a toddler. Which means we get to do lots of fun things now that he might actually enjoy. Here are 12 of my fall bucket list activities to do with him this year. You can do them with your toddler too!

1. Explore new playgrounds

We have a playground in our little mountain town called The Pumpkin Patch. What could be more perfect for fall?! Though it’s not new for us it is currently being updated for fall and I can’t wait to take Sebastian once they reopen it!

2. Visit an Apple orchard

We also have a local apple orchard on the mountain. We moved here last year at the end of the season so this will be our first year going!

3. Pick & paint pumpkins

Sebastian will finally be old enough to pick out his own pumpkin this year! Instead of carving them, we paint them. I think he will love picking it out and painting it!

4. Hayrides

Hayrides are the perfect fall activity with cooler weather! Throw on a light jacket and cuddle up on the hay bales and just enjoy the fresh air!

5. Picnics

I don’t know why but I have this love for picnics! It’s been so hot this summer, though, we haven’t been able to have any. This is why I love fall weather! It’s perfect for all those fun outdoor activities and not so hot you feel like you’re melting.

6. Nature scavenger hunts

Sebastian, like all toddlers, loves exploring new things. He loves pointing at things and having me name them. He also loves finding items I name off. Nature scavenger hunts in the fall are perfect for learning colors with all the leaves changing too. Try it out with your toddler!

7. Fall crafts

Yeah, I’m that mom. I love doing crafts because they are excellent learning activities! There are endless amounts of fall time crafts for toddlers. Some of the ones I plan on doing with Sebastian are pumpkin painting (as mentioned above), Apple stamping, and leaf painting!

8. Rock hunting

Have you heard about the new rock craze?! In towns all around us we have groups that paint and hide rocks for anyone to find and keep or hide again for another person to find. There aren’t any rules to it and anyone can do this. We have a few different Facebook groups for different cities and people post the rocks they’ve painted and hidden along with hints to find them! It’s a great way to get out of the house and into nature without spending a lot, or any money!

9. Corn maze

It’s been a long times since I’ve been to a corn maze but I think this is an activity toddlers will love! They can run through the maze without a time limit and generally they send you in groups and give you a flag or 2 way radio if you get lost or have an emergency. I know Sebastian loves to run around with me so this would be something everyone can enjoy!

10. Fall themed books

It’s so important to read to your toddlers. It’s how they learn new words, language skills, and lots of other things. A few of the fall themed books that are on the top of my list for toddlers include:

-I love fall by Alison Inches

-Red leaf, yellow leaf by Lois Ehlert

-It’s fall by Linda Glaser

-Leaf jumpers by Carole Gerber

-We’re going on a leaf hunt by Steve Metzger

11. Costumes and Trick or treating

I know some families don’t participate in trick or treating due to all the dangers but most communities have church events for kids to dress up in kid friendly costumes and play games, win prizes, etc. Some even set up to hand out candy at the church. If that’s not your style why not let the kids pick out a costume (or make one yourself like we are doing!) and do Halloween activities at home or with some friends!

12. It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

This, for me, is a tradition my mom started years ago when I was growing up. It’s also a tradition I plan to carry on with my children.

While seasons and holidays with kids are loads of fun we can’t forget about ourselves! Here are my top 12 fall bucket list items for moms!

1. Fall outfits

I can’t wait to pull out all of my fall clothes. Boots, vests, jackets, scarves, and of course sweaters! Fall fashion is my favorite!

2. Halloween costume prep

Fall is my favorite season and Halloween is hands down my favorite holiday. I love it so much that I can remember my mom having a conversation with me when I was a teenager about my love for Halloween. She said, “I’m surprised you’re not ‘gothic’ with how much you love creepy things and Halloween”. What can I say, I have a lot of love (okay maybe obsession) with this holiday. My favorite thing since having Sebastian is doing our family costumes! This year we will be doing a DIY costume so it will be fun to make!

3. Read a new book

I don’t know about you guys but I love cuddling up by a fire in the fall time and reading a good book! So what better time to treat yourself to a new book for that by-the-fire fall reading?!

4. Bake a new fall themed dessert

If you know me you know I hate cooking but I LOVE baking! I plan on finding a new fall dessert recipe to try!

5. Try a new crockpot recipe

Crockpots are a moms saving grace! At least in my case. Fall time is the perfect time for all those yummy crockpot soups and chilis!

6. Watch a scary movie

I love scary movies and haunted houses! While I don’t plan on going to any haunted houses this year I will watch at least one scary movie this fall!

7. Fall family photos

This fall is going to be a very exciting and busy time for us as a family. We have my birthday, as well as my fiancΓ©, Adam’s birthday. Did I mention they are in the same week? Yeah, talk about busy! But since we didn’t get any family photos until December last year I have planned to get some very special family photos done for my birthday!

8. Visit our local farmers market

We have a cute little farmers market up here on the mountain and I can’t wait to go see all the locally grown fall produce and baked goods! The best part is it’s all locally made/grown so you get to give back to your community by supporting these businesses!

9. Try a campfire recipe

I’m sure you’ve seen those campfire aluminum foil recipes floating around on Facebook and Pinterest. I can’t wait to try at least one out!

10. Grab a new fall candle/diffuser scent

There’s just something so relaxing about the fall scents companies come out with around this time! I will definitely be picking up a few candles and maybe a diffuser scent for the fall!

11. Pumpkin spice flavored everything

Okay, I’ll admit, even the industry goes overboard with some of these pumpkin spice flavored things. BUT, I do enjoy being able to get a pumpkin spice latte or iced coffee (yes I do drink iced coffee year round lol).

12. Fall/Halloween decor

Like I said, fall and Halloween are my absolute favorite things and decorating for them is so fun to me! This will be the first year since having Sebastian that I will get to pull out my decorations and set everything up! I can’t wait!

What are some things you have on your fall bucket list?! Leave me a comment and let me know!


42 thoughts on “Fall bucket lists (for moms and toddlers)

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  1. There is an apple orchard about 2 hours away from me – I have been planning to take the girls for the last couple years, yet somehow never managed it. This year though – we are going!!!!

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  2. What an awesome bucket list you guys have going. We currently have no bucket list yet. It’s almost back to school here in canada and I’m a kindergarten teacher so it’s been a crazy couple of days.

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  3. Such a great list! I’m so looking forward to all things fall with my toddler! πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌ We can’t wait to take him to the zoo since it’ll be a little cooler!

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